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$100 is about all it takes to help one eligible woman start her journey with Opportunity International Australia so to make a once off donation or collaborate with us in the goal of helping 350 women by 2021 follow the link

At TMC our aim is to empower women to love the skin they're  in through makeup, hair & beauty while making conscious  choices to impact our health and the environment. 


While impacting the world directly around us we choose to contribute on a larger scale. Through our donations towards the 'Pay it 4ward Project' we support underprivileged women in developing countries to be empowered through a small loan to enables them to start their own business and provide for their families. Through a coaching and support program this often overflows to helping their greater community as well. In turn 98% of loans are repaid to Opportunity International Australia which enables them to pay it forward to more eligible woman which makes this gift of giving never ending.

Help us help 350 women to start a home based business in developing countries by 2021. With each sale of the TMC Bare Faced Pads and online makeup course, one dollar is donated to the 'Pay it 4ward Project' so thank you for helping us in making a global impact!

Pay it forward project
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