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Updated: Dec 10, 2019

With the festive season upon us, many people are looking to get hair and makeup done to help them feel their best for their next event. At the Makeup Chicks we will always create a look as unique as you however many people are a little unsure of what to actually wear to their event so we decided to ask one of Brisbane's celebrity stylists, Laura Churchill about the looks on trend for the festive season.

Laura, what are the current trends rolling into the summer season that would suit the festivities of Xmas Parties and Celebrations coming up?

The summer season is full of pastels and brights, as well as lots of white, in natural fibres – perfect for Qld

What I personally love going in to party season is minimal accessories like barely-there heels and micro bags. It lets your outfit and your hair and makeup take centre stage.

Metallic and pearl are the perfect colour accessories and you can't go past a suit look. There is lots to choose from this season; pastel, plaid, gingham or a classic black and white. You can't go wrong with any of these.

If anyone is still heading to any remaining race events I encourage people to be open to great alternative head piece options besides big hats. Although I personally love big hats, talk to your florist about creating a fresh flower piece on a comb or pin which can look stunning and fresh, or perhaps a smaller more practical piece like a crown or turban which allows you to be more creative with your hair.

Ultimately my biggest piece of advice I give all my clients is to feel comfortable; with what you are wearing, your shoes, your hair & makeup, it should be conducive to you relaxing and enjoying your event.

Laura Churchill

Churchill Creative

styling | editorial | events

♡ The Makeup Chicks

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