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What to look for in a wedding celebrant

There is so much to think of when planning your wedding day and this blog is about bringing the best out of your day with the right celebrant. So what should you look for and most importantly ask before you lock in your celebrant. We spoke to celebrant Renee Wilkins who has well over 1100 weddings under her belt.

Renee, can you tell us what should the bride and groom look for in choosing

a celebrant?

It's all about getting to know your celebrant before you lock in your date. You need to feel completely comfortable with them as they'll be there to set the tone for your ceremony. Below are some useful questions to ask the celebrant before making your decision.

- Is your celebrant warm and engaging?

- Are they responsive and timely?

- Do you feel a connection with him/her? Are you able to have a laugh and engage comfortably?

- Does he/she behave with confidence about their job?

- Have you reviewed video footage to give you an idea of their style?

- Will he/she adapt to your ceremony style and content wish list?

- Do they provide suggestions for engaging moments in your ceremony?

- Cost is a consideration however if your celebrant ticks all the other boxes you are looking for then go with them. On the day, money won't matter. Specially if you can experience all that you hoped for and more.

What does a great ceremony look like to you?

Every weekend I am asked by guests whether I was a friend of the couple. Because of the level of detail I go to in the planning process I can basically come across in the ceremony as a close friend which is what really sets the scene of a good ceremony. The bride and groom as well as guests feel at ease which really creates the vibe for the day.

What does a wedding day look like for you?

Lots of laughter, lots of love and lots of FUN!!

How long have you been a celebrant?

I have been a celebrant for 11 years and have now conducted well over 1150 weddings.

Why did you become a celebrant?

Having worked since I was 12 years old, I realised very early in my life that I am a “people person”. When I was on maternity leave with my first child Elizabeth, I enrolled in a

celebrant course – thanks to my close friend Jo. She could see I had an “Xfactor” and that I had all the qualities of being a great celebrant; being well groomed, photogenic, super organised, second to none customer service and eager to please. The celebrant business was to be a hobby – but has become a very successful small business. I am currently one of the top 5 celebrants in QLD conducting 200 weddings a year. I believe I have one of the largest celebrant businesses in QLD and according to recent stats on celebrants in Australia – only 1 percent of celebrants conduct 100 weddings a year. So if I am conducting 200 weddings I must be in the top 1 % in Australia.

Considering the average celebrant only conducts eight weddings a year, you definitely have got a few weddings under your belt. What makes you different to other celebrants?

Definitely the way I present and my fashion sense. I am known for my amazing dresses as I will actually aim to match into the theme of the wedding seeing I'm in most of the photos.

Being a preferred celebrant in the top 5 venues in Brisbane, the family celebrant for so many couples and having done many weddings for media personalities right through to every day people, I like to keep my fees down so that more couples can benefit from an excellent celebrant without having to remortgage their house.

Lastly I am super quick at responding to questions by couples; this is something that really sets me apart.



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