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What to expect from your wedding trial and how to prepare!

Before your trial it is important to have a look at some hair and makeup styles that you like and even do not like! Bring them along on the day and you can talk them through with your artist at The Makeup Chicks. It's a great tool to get your idea across to your artist. Even pictures of the wedding dress, ceremony and reception settings and colour scheme are extremely useful.

Hot tip #1: Dependent on your face shape and hair type, your final style for the day may not look exactly like the pictures that you bring. It's purely there for inspiration and any good artist will always adjust things to bring out your best features.

If you have no idea of what direction you are wanting to head in then do not stress! The artists at The Makeup Chicks are experienced and more than happy to guide you.

Hot tip #2: It would be preferable to have your wedding dress picked out or be close to it!!! This really sets the design for your look.

The main purpose of the trial is to be able to create the ‘look’ that you have been wanting for your wedding day. It is also a great opportunity for you to build trust and confidence in your artist that will be there on the most important day of your life. Your wedding day!

It is not necessary for the bridal party to have a trial unless they have specific requirements or allergies that they may be concerned about prior to the day. We would advise that you do not bring the whole bridal party to the trial. By all means bring along a friend, mum, or close family member or alternatively go and show them afterwards to get some feedback on your chosen look.

You may not even decide to have a wedding trial or simply do not have time to squeeze one in; once again, you can feel confident that the artists at The Makeup Chicks will be able to interpret and understand the ‘feel’ and ‘look’ that you want on the day. This is how many of artists at The Makeup Chicks do some of their best work as television requires them to be at their best in any circumstance.

On the day of your trial come fresh faced and with clean dry hair.

If you plan to have a tan on your wedding day we suggest that you also have it done before the trial day. This way we can modify your foundation to suit. If you can't, do not stress, we can modify the colour to suit on the day.

Hot tip #3: Your tan will actually deepen the day after you have it done, so we suggest arranging your tan a couple of days before the trial and the wedding day allowing it time to settle leaving you with no surprises.

With The Makeup Chicks you will be in the hands of experts and if there is anything that you would like to change at your trial your artist will not be offended! It is not about them, it is about you! This is your wedding day and at The Makeup Chicks we pride ourselves with ensuring are brides are happy, comfortable and relaxed.

Hot tip #4: Pay attention to what happens to your hair and makeup after the trial. Always follow up with your artist 24-48 hours afterwards with any feedback good or bad and potential changes that you may like to make on your wedding day. This way they can note the changes down for you and make the adjustments on the day.

Your artist should not only take photos on the day of your trial but also the makeup artist will do a detailed face chart noting the colours, techniques and special requests discussed at the trial.

Hot tip #5: You have to feel at ease with your hair and makeup artists as you will be spending the morning of your wedding day with them. They should be someone that you like, makes you feel at ease and most of all, someone you have confidence in!

HAVE FUN!!!! – It will be a great experience!

♡ The Makeup Chicks

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